Let me tell you a little secret...

It doesn’t matter how large that number is under your name on your real estate social media platforms if it isn’t growing your business.

I know real estate professionals with less than 1,000 followers who are generating all of their clients from their social media efforts and I know people who have over 100k followers that don’t have the slightest idea how to actually generate an income from all their liking and following.

It’s not about the number my friends! It’s about whether that number is leading to more listings, more installs, more referrals, more clients, and more profits for your business - and more ego.

It doesn’t matter if you have 500 followers for 5,000 followers, if you focus on serving them with valuable content that helps to better their lives you will begin to successfully turn followers to clients.


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why you need a plan for your current followers

1 | focus your efforts

When you focus on serving your current real estate social media followers you begin to understand more about what your followers like and do not like. This understanding can help you post more relevant content that leads to more genuine engagement.

Engagement is key when it comes to building your business on social media through profitable relationships. Each post should help you build know/like/trust with your followers and put you one step closer to turning that follower into a client.

2 | expand your reach

When you focus your efforts on satisfying your current followers this funny thing happens…your current followers begin to tell their friends, family, and colleagues about you. When you followers begin to know/like/trust you due to your valuable and relevant content they in turn expand your reach into their sphere of influence.

3 | set your goals

Let me remind you, the goal should not be to “get more followers.” That my friends is a vanity goal and popularity will not get you paid. Having a plan for your current followers allows for you to set marketing goals that help grow your business - such as growing your email list, landing one listing presentation a week, or booking two client discover calls.

Ready to learn how you can begin to put a plan in place to serve your current followers? 

Short video on serving your low-hanging fruit for increased sales!

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how to create an opt-in offer

The best tool to create your free opt-in offer and social media post to promote your offer is Canva.

Because not everyone can afford to pay a graphic designers to create custom swoon-worthy on-brand images for their real estate business.

And lucky for you, you don’t have to! Canva is an amazing graphic design tool that will have you creating professional social media designs like pro in no time!

Canva is super user-friendly and ridiculously affordable.

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10 free opt-in ideas you can offer

1 | PDF Guide

Downloadable guides or mini ebooks are very common as they are fairly easy to create and digest. Real Estate pros could create a free guide about 10 Steps to Selling Your Home For Top Dollar or How To Design Your Home To Meet Your Lifestyle.

2 | video training

Pre-recorded video trainings are very popular because not only do they provide high value to your audience but they also help your potential clients get a peek of how it would be like to work with you. Real Estate pros could provide a free training video on The Importance of Staging Your Home.

3 | checklist

Checklist are quick and easy to create. You can provide a checklist as a stand alone freebie or you could pair it with a blog post, pdf guide, or free training. Real Estate pros could create a checklist for The 10 Things You Need For Pre-Approval or 15 Interview Questions To Ask Your Builder.

4 | webinar

Live Webinars are a great alternative to in-person workshops. They allow you to cover in-depth content, answer questions, and even provide assessments on the spot. Real Estate pros could offer a First-Time Homebuyer Webinar or How to Prepare for Hiring an Interior Designer.

5 | email course

Email courses are a great way to keep you in front of your audience for a few days. If you have a series of steps you want to share with your potential clients you can break those up into multiple emails. You can setup automatic email sequences on platforms like MailChimp or my personal favorite Convertkit.

6 | quiz

Add a little fun to your marketing efforts by offering a free quiz. My favorite tool to help me create online quizzes is Interact. Real Estate pros could create a quiz to help clients Find out Your Design Style or Have Your Outgrown Your Home.

7 | Live q&A

Going Live on social media can be scary but it is totally worth it! Offering Live Q&A sessions just for your followers is a great way to connect with them personally on a regular basis. Make sure to give your real estate social media followers a heads up for when you will be planning to go live.

8 | Resource guide

A resource guide is different from the previous content guide as it focuses on giving your subscribers a list of recommended vendors, furniture stores, entertainment venues, preferred partners, contractors, etc. This list should be closely related to the service you offer.

9 | assessment

Offering free assessments are a great way to get potentially clients to raise their hand and tell you they are interested in your service. Real Estate pros could offer free home valuations or free design quotes.

10 | access to private fb group

The reality is that most people have identified that Facebook Groups are a great way to reach their clients and target audience in a new and often private way. Creating your own Private Facebook Group for your target neighborhood or interior design for beginners gives you the ability to personally connect with your most engaged real estate social media followers on another platforms - increasing the likelihood of conversion.

💡If you haven’t started a Facebook Group yet you are totally missing out! Learn Why Real Estate Facebook Groups are Your Secret Weapon.


Get your hands on the 5 secrets to social

Guide to attracting and converting clients for real estate pros


Drum Roll

So are you picking up what I am putting down?

It doesn’t matter how large that number is under your name on your real estate social media platforms if it isn’t growing your business. If you focus on serving them with free valuable content that helps to better their lives you will begin to successfully turn followers to clients.


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