I know it’s hard to believe…

…there are real estate pros out there generating hundreds of leads, referrals and even listings from spending time on Social Media but it makes sense when you really think about it (seriously!). 

Social media is where people now spend the majority of their time - not just your friends, celebrities, or cute babies but your ideal clients. Providing you the opportunity to reach thousands of potential new real estate leads every month. I mean, even if you went to a new networking event every single day, you wouldn’t reach these kind of numbers! 

Social media has quietly transformed itself into one of the most highest return on investment marketing tools out there - with Forbes reporting a whopping 150% ROI! And you wanna know why? Because social has made is easier than ever to build likability and trust in a short period, turning a cold lead to a hot one in record time!

But to really reap the benefits of social media you MUST actually start being social!


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instagram is working against you

The whole reason why we are even diving into this topic is because of all those pesky little changes to Instagram’s algorithm that are making it that much hard for businesses on Instagram to reach their followers.

Why is Instagram out to get you? They aren’t. They are working to show users more of the posts that they believe they want to see and less of the posts that may be selling to them. They are prioritizing posts by family and friends and deprioriting posts by businesses.

Therefore, in order for your real estate business to appear more relevant and connected to its followers you need to start engaging with them just like a family member or friend.

But don’t fret, because if sexy can be brought back, so can being social.

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5 steps to being more social


This may seem less like reducing the stress and more like adding one more block to the Jenga pile you’re already balling, but hear me out. Being intentional with your real estate social media presence is a key component of being able to measure your success.

Are you trying to get in front of new buying or selling clients? Establish yourself as a leading industry professional and thought leader for invites to guest post for blogs or speak at speaking engagements? Drive traffic to your website so that more people see your listings/service offerings? Get more than 1000 followers?

Whatever your main goal may be, it’s important to know what that goal is for you and your real estate business so that you can see how well you’re making progress towards that social media goal.  



You want to let your followers of your real estate social media profiles know that you actually WANT them to respond on your posts.

You can’t just post a photo or a video and expect that your followers are going to leave a comment. You have to invite them into conversation with you.

So how do you invite engagement? At the end of each caption encourage your followers to engage with your real estate social media posts in a specific way, such as:

  • Double tap if…

  • Tell me I’m not the only one that…

  • Tag a friend that needs to know…

  • Comment below if…

  • Can I get an amen!

  • Who is with me? Raise your hand!

If you really want your real estate social media followers to engage with you, you MUST let them know that you are open to really getting social online.

3 | stay & play

Or in other words Don’t Post and Ghost!

Don’t just post on social media and then sign off or schedule an auto-post and never check in after the post is published. Because if you are inviting engagement, your followers are going to expect for that engagement to be returned.

So try to hang out for 15-20 minutes after you post so that you can engage with the people that are engaging with you posts.

If someone writes a comment on your post then make sure to reply back to them. Start a conversation. This two-way engagement is what creates the connections that lead to future client conversions.

4 | get real

Social platforms are built for relationship building and connection. People are coming to your page to learn more about YOU not what you SELL.

If your ideal client lands on your real estate page is only about business and marketing messages, they are more likely to exit off of your page without so much of a like and certainly not a follow. 

Plus lets be real...your ideal client isn’t out there searching for real estate pros to follow. But they are looking for other real people to connect with. 


5 | go live

There are plenty of ways to approach live video content on social media, but one of the easiest ways I’ve found to get into the swing of it is to simply go live while you’re doing something in your day-to-day work life.

Helping a client pick out paint colors? Go live and ask opinions. Grabbing coffee at a trendy coffee shop in a hot target neighborhood? Go live to show off the space, or your favorite coffee drink, and tag the shop in the video as well.

These are very easy examples of ways to go live and allow your followers to get to see you in your natural element and feel connected to you even more. As an agent, having your potential clients feel like you’re approachable and engaging is a key area that not enough of us utilize on Social Media. Go LIVE while you live, start the conversation, and become connected with your followers in new and interesting ways!

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Drum Roll

So are you picking up what I am putting down?

It doesn’t matter how large that number is under your name on your real estate social media platforms if it isn’t growing your business. If you focus on serving them with free valuable content that helps to better their lives you will begin to successfully turn followers to clients.

So to recap, the top three reasons Instagram should be your go-to secret weapon in your real estate marketing arsenal: 

  1. Set Your Goals

  2. Invite Engagement

  3. Stay & Play

  4. Get Real

  5. Go Live  

>> hey, I have question for you!

What are ways they you are being more social on social media? Leave your comment in the section below.



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