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YOUR real estate instagram style


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Your Instagram Style is:

the real lifer

your instagram feed has no rhyme or reason. and it shows.

Instagram is your personal in-the-moment scrapbook. You post a healthy amount of selfies, memes, food photos, and snaps of your dog, baby or friends. You rarely post anything about work and when you do you are usually complaining about something or someone. If you have a brand, it is not represented on your Instagram feed. Your followers are mostly friends and family, and that's okay with you because you definitely wouldn't want potential clients seeing your posts (yikes!).

It's time to give your Instagram a massive makeover. 


Hold up: does this sound like you? If you're like “no way Kary”, then check out the other results. These quiz thingys aren't perfect so forgive me if i totally got you wrong. blame the quiz not my heart.  

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Hey real lifer, want to learn how you can step up your game?   

When YOU take social media seriously, you create a legacy


I know you must be wondering: Why should I take Instagram seriously?  How do I give my feed a makeover? What if I can't afford a photographer to follow me around? But what if this is not being true to who I am? 

If you aren't using Instagram for business you are falling behind.

With Instagram's new search and explore features, and 80% of Instagram users voluntarily connecting with brands, it is more important than ever to make sure that your profile is top-notch. If you take Instagram seriously then your real estate profile will quickly become your new go-to home page online.

And that is a good thing, because your clients actually want to connect with you on social. They are actively searching, following and engaging with businesses and brands on Instagram. The time is now friend! 

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Instagram is providing us with a platform to create a lasting legacy. It is our own personal magazine where we get to take our followers along on a journey with us through photos and stories. What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want your story told?

Now just because you are getting more profesh and talking more about work, that doesn't mean that you stop being yourself. While your images have to be engaging to make your followers want to read more, the caption itself has to drive the conversation. So be real, be authentic, but most importantly be YOU.

Below are three ways to get this party started.

It's time TO get Serious with your instagram account and start creating a legacy. 


your real lifer action plan

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Optimize your profile

Consider changing your username and profile name to your actual name (if you use a nickname), craft a bio that introduces who you are and attracts your ideal client, and add a professional link.

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Pick a design theme

Choose 2-3 focus areas for your posts and stick to them religiously. Also, pick an aesthetic theme to your feed that not only looks great but lets your followers know what they can expect from you.

take some semi-pro photos 

Post only high quality photos to your feed. But don’t make this any harder than it needs to be. Grab a friend with a nice camera or the latest smartphone and go outside for an hour and take some photos.


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Before we go any further, let me introduce myself...

I’m Kary Perry.

I am a big city girl with even bigger dreams! Realtor, designer, marketer, educator and unshakable optimist. Digital marketing expert, branding genius, and straight up girl boss motivating the hell out of other entrepreneurs to build their business online so that they can work less and live more.

I quit my corporate job nearly 4 years ago and built several profitable businesses along the way using digital marketing strategies that I now get to share with the world.

I am here to help you brand, market and grow your online business in a ridiculously badass way. Let's do this!

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wanna start killin' it on the gram?


The real estate pro's guide to creating content that attracts your ideal audience, turns them into engaged followers and successfully converts them into paying clients. I'll give you 5 ways to quickly grow your Instagram following with the right people that will help you grow your brand AND your profits.

Learn what I did to build my Instagram account to over 15k followers with my dream clients!