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YOUR real estate instagram style


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Your Instagram Style is:


you understand social media is more than just selling. and it shows.

You recognize the importance of Instagram. You see how well Instagram is working for other real estate agents, business owners,  and creative entrepreneurs. You also understand that in order to be successful you have to share more than just work photos with your followers. So you are focused on sharing a good mix of business and personal. So far it seems to be working but it can be better!

It's time you get even more strategic about Instagram so you can start connecting and converting. 


Hold up: does this sound like you? If you're like “no way Kary”, then check out the other results. These quiz thingIEs aren't perfect so forgive me if i totally got you wrong. blame the quiz not my heart.  

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Hey VISIONARY, want to learn how you can step up your game?   

When you know and share your story, true connection happens


I know you must be wondering: Why am I not getting a lot of engagement on my posts? Why are my followers growing so slowly? Why does it seem like people aren't even seeing my posts? 

Instagram is like dating.

Don’t roll your eyes at me because I am serious. Think about it...

The goal is to post visually appealing photos so that someone is attracted to your profile, attracted enough that they follow you and allow you to show up in their feed (i.e. their social life). And then its up to you to win them over with your beaming personality so that they actually want to get to know more about you and what you have to offer. Like I

And just like in dating the magical part happens after you meet and exchange happens when you are intentionally getting to know each other. It happens in the captions and in the comment interaction.

It's time to get strategic.

Behind every successful marketing campaign is a strong strategic plan. When you sit down and really take time to focus on telling your main stories well, while removing any unnecessary details and focusing on telling them in the most captivating way; you can absolutely create a connection in a way that will convert clients into customers. 

A lot of times we have stories that are about our work, and that share our product or service. While those are so valuable and have the ability to help us connect with our dream clients in giant ways, it’s also important to really figure out how you can connect beyond what you do – to create a more human experience that will give people a reason to follow you and/or trust you even IF they don’t currently need what you’re selling.

Below are three ways to build an intentional Instagram strategy that gets you seen and leads to more meaningful engagement.

It's time TO get strategic with your photos and more importantly your captions. 


your VISIONARY action plan

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determine Brand Stories

Write down stories that have helped shape you into who you are, think of stories that help share more about what makes you, well….YOU, or stories that help share passions of yours beyond your job. 

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Plan in advance

Plan your post at least two weeks in advance. This allows you to see how your posts will visually look together and it allows you to start bringing your Brand Stories to life through captions.

Include a call to action 

Make sure to ask a question or request a response in your caption. Let your followers know that you genuinely want to hear from them and then hang around to engage with their comments.   

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Before we go any further, let me introduce myself...

I’m Kary Perry.

I am a big city girl with even bigger dreams! Realtor, designer, marketer, educator and unshakable optimist. Digital marketing expert, branding genius, and straight up girl boss motivating the hell out of other entrepreneurs to build their business online so that they can work less and live more.

I quit my corporate job nearly 4 years ago and built several profitable businesses along the way using digital marketing strategies that I now get to share with the world.

I am here to help you brand, market and grow your online business in a ridiculously badass way. Let's do this!

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wanna start killin' it on the gram?


The real estate pro's guide to creating content that attracts your ideal audience, turns them into engaged followers and successfully converts them into paying clients. I'll give you 5 ways to quickly grow your Instagram following with the right people that will help you grow your brand AND your profits.

Learn what I did to build my Instagram account to over 15k followers with my dream clients!